Thursday, January 21, 2010

March of Dimes

Most everyone knows that both of my girls were born prematurely. My Halle girl was born on her 34 week "marker day" and was in the worst shape of both my girls, requiring the ventilator and as many dosages of artificial surfactant as possible.

My sweet Kerrigan was born at 33 weeks, and was always on room air, but was aided by warmers, NG tubes, PICC lines, etc. - as was her sister. Thanks to modern medicine (and a gracious Father), my girls' premature arrivals were no where near as daunting as they would have been only years ago.

The March of Dimes has played a vital role in education and research allowing thousands of babies, just like mine, to have a healthier start and brighter future! Phillip, myself, and the girls will be walking in the March for Babies in April. Would you please consider sponsoring the team we have joined to help support the March of Dimes. You can click the link to the right to donate directly to team Lady Love!


  1. awwwww.. how sweet and precious they look... you would never know now that they endured all that to be your little girls! Wow.. what a miracle.

  2. beautiful summary of all you have endured in the NICU! cannot wait to share this day with you all

  3. The link to support you does not work. I look at those pictures and am so grateful for NICU and all the wonderful doctors and nurses in that department.

  4. Leona, Thanks I'm trying to work on that. I believe the link through my facebook page is working. :)