Friday, January 1, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

One year ago today, after a 3 week NICU stay, I was able to bring my sweet Kerrigan home! These pictures show just how tiny she was at the time. Her little head didn't even come up to the newborn headrest, and she required 4 receiving blankets behind her to get her into proper position to be buckled. Also pictured, is the first time that her VERY proud big sister was able to see her in person. (Halle Claire was too young to be permitted into the NICU.) Kerrigan was under the care of amazing neonatologists, and nurses at St. Vincent's, but I could not have been more excited to bring her home! Gone were the IV's, NG tubes, PICC lines, incubators, round the clock drives up to the hospital for feedings, nightly sobs on the way home due to having an empty belly, and empty arms, and after a month of my family being apart (I was admitted 1 week before K was born), it was THE BEST feeling in the world to be with both of my babies (and my hubby) at the same time! I cannot believe this all happened a whole year ago - where does the time go?!?!

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