Thursday, April 1, 2010

Party Prep (AKA longest post ever)

Last year we skipped out on a big party for Halle Claire. It just seemed like we had a lot going on. We had just brought Kerrigan home in January, after a long crazy pregnancy and NICU stay. Anyhow, I was just worn out and didn't have the energy to put anything together. We just ended up doing two small family parties for her. I really don't think she noticed, but I knew that this year I wanted to do something big for her. We have attended several birthday parties at Pump It Up, and always have had a great time . . . so we decided that would be a good place for her 4th birthday bash! Even though Pump It Up makes it pretty easy to host a party, there was still a little prep work to be done. Halle had decided that she wanted to wear a tutu for her princess party, so my mom graciously made those for the girls. I think they turned out nicely! I really love the satin sash!
I had Karen Norman make birthday shirts for the girls (which were perfect!)

The White Market's Princess bottle cap bow was perfect as well!

We stuffed goodie bags, and ordered the largest, tackiest (oops, I mean most beautiful) Disney Princess cake we could find. HC picked it out all by herself from the Publix bakery. :)

Not too much work . . . it was nice. We enjoyed a wild night of bouncing and sliding!

To celebrate with her preschool class, I made princess cupcakes. I think the princess toppers were a hit! (found this little kit at Williams-Sonoma)
And finally for her actual birthday, we went to church and the headed out to the zoo afterward. It was a nice day together! I can't believe my baby is 4!


  1. I LOVE the last picture of her with the lion!! Such a pose!!

  2. such great fun, and I am in agreement with Rebecca,that last picture is GREAT!

  3. what a fabulous birthday!!!!